Only 1 in 5Americans are interested in talking to people they disagree with politically.
~38 millionrelationships ended due to the 2020 U.S. election.

What happens when we can’t have conversations?

Especially with the people we love?

Can we create a democracy with healthy, not ruinous, conflict?

Hi! I'm Suzanne.

From deep canvassing in swing states, to serving as a conflict mediator, to running dialogue workshops, I’ve been obsessed with how humans can have more effective dialogue, especially about politics.

This podcast will feature mediated conversations between anonymous guests (partners, family members, strangers, etc.) who have differing political beliefs. Using my training in conflict mediation, I’ll help facilitate impartially.

Along with the audience, together we’ll learn what it means to have conversations that don’t just frustrate and stagnate, but move us toward something better.

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Is there a conversation that you want to have?

Maybe it's one that you've been avoiding. Or one that never goes well. Maybe you disagree about vaccination, or abortion, or policing, or the latest internet controversy... or everything under the sun.

Are you willing to try again?

Join us on the podcast as anonymous guests! We want to help you have more meaningful dialogue.

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